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Our process:
  • We will remove loose dirt and debris from your driveway. We may ask that you power wash prior to our scheduled date of service if the driveway has an excess build up of dirt.
  • We will fill cracks for an additional charge using pourable crack filler. This procedure is not a permanent solution to cracks. Depending on their severity, crack filling may need to be done on an annual basis.
  • We apply our sealant by hand. WE DO NOT SPRAY THE SEALANT!! The result of this process is a thicker, more consistent, and accurate application of the sealer versus spraying. We only use Sealmaster products. See their website for product information. www.SealMaster.net
  • We will place banner tape at the end of your driveway when we have finished seal coating. In 36 - 48 hours your driveway will be ready for use. (Please dispose of banner tape at this time.)
If your driveway is seriously damaged or deterioration has become too severe, we may decline to apply sealant if we feel the end result will not be satisfactory. Call or email us today to schedule a free estimate.

Our service area includes Baltimore County, Harford County, and Cecil County in Maryland and parts of southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware.
Lawn care and other residential or commercial maintenance services are available from www.MulchBaron.com.
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